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Just heard about Euclase deleting her blog…..

I just want to say whether this person who bullied her is a fan of SPN or not, you’re a horrible person.

The #SPNfamily DO NOT bully each other. We have different opinions on EVERYTHING in the show, but we do not turn on each other.

I, myself, am not a Destiel shipper, but I sit in awe of her talent and how amazing she is as an artist. No matter the inspirations, her art is fucking phenomenal!

If only you, close-minded person, thought the same and didn’t think bullying was the answer to your own views.

Still contemplating going to Asylum14. I want to go soooo bad, but just for the hotel (2 nights) and the tickets, it will cost us £395. Then £180 for the taxi there and back. So it’s nearly £600 already! It’s way too steep.

PLUS, Mark Shepherd is the first guest.

This is probably a VERY unpopular opinion, but I’m sick of seeing him. He’s been to EVERY convention I’ve been to and I just don’t get his appeal. He seems very arrogant and ignorant. A fan thinks over a question to ask him and he just sweeps it off and refuses to answer it?? No. 

One of the reasons I really want to go back (besides the obvious) is because I’ve not had a photo done with Jensen. I’ve got Jared, Jim, Misha etc, but not Jensen. I need to complete my collection. I was going to hold off buying tickets until more guests were announced, but annoyingly, they’ve nearly sold out already with no guests being announced. Which is annoying as fuck!

I suppose I’ll wait and see if any more tickets go on sale later in the year and see whether or not Jensen decides to come over. He’s not been to the UK cons for years, so I’m not holding my breath.

Super excited for Misha on Whose Line Is It Anyway?…..and he’s on for 5 minutes.

*infinite sad face*



Does anyone else find it kind of heartbreaking that the epilogue of Harry Potter takes place in 3 years? As of September 2016, we’ll have passed the entire timeline of Harry Potter…

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how is this a real show

that one wasn’t

I enjoy the confusion that Supernatural causes to people who don’t watch Supernatural.

before I watched supernatural i thought this was the gag reel

how is this bit NOT a real show?

It’s a real part of the show, but it wasn’t the real show.

Ah, that clears things up.

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Just a thought on Destiel.

I don’t think Destiel will ever be canon because the show isn’t about that, it’s about Sam & Dean and family. It’s never been a show that’s surrounded itself with romantic relationships anyway. (HELLOOOOO, Jess, Lisa, Amelia)

Saying that, I don’t think even if it was to develop a more romantic tone, I don’t think Dean and Cas would be canon. Dean is clearly a straight man and I (my opinion) don’t think he even thinks of Cas in that way. He thinks of Cas as family. Throughout his life, Dean has lost literally everyone he’s cared about and having Cas and Sam is how he stays sane, so of course, he loves him. Just not in a romantic way.

From Cas’ viewpoint, he is an angel who’s primary job was to raise Dean from hell and protect him. Five seasons later, he’s still trying to do that. And like Dean, Cas considers Sam & Dean his family. After everything they’ve been through and Cas losing his own brothers/sisters, they are all they have.


It’s 2014 and Destiel shippers still can’t handle another person’s opinion on their precious ship and throw a temper tantrum everytime someone doesn’t cater to their whim. Color me surprised :D

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Please, stop with all this crap →


So… now, everybody is hating Jensen Ackles just because he doesn’s ship Destiel. And for this reason, everybody is saying he’s a fucking homophobic.
It’s ridiculous.
There too many people who doesn’t want a romantic relationship between Dean and Cas. And they are not homophobic. They just…

Misha: And we never break our pact
Jensen: We don’t. We’re men of our word. 

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WHY are people losing their shit about Jensen’s comments about Destiel?

The relationship between Cas and Dean has never been a romantic one and the writers probably didn’t write it to appear that way. So, all this ‘Destiel’ stuff has pretty much come from the fans alone and their interpretation of the show.

So, Jensen nor Jared should be getting shit for voicing their opinion on the whole thing. After all, it is their show, they know their characters a LOT more than we do. So, calm down.

My dad and I are sat confused because we can’t remember Bobby’s house burning down……


Season 1 Opening:

Before we had Then and Now.

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